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persia consulting

is your professional partner in providing specialized Commercial Advice on how to enter Iran and 22expand business, conclude contracts, establish companies and partnerships, invest and get negotiation support to establish long lasting business relations. Beside that, the company does provide Business Development services as well as Strategic Management Consultancy for international corporations in Iran.


In years of successful activities, we have accompanied our international clients from variable industries into the Iranian market. This enabled us to gather extensive know-how in most market segments and expand our top-class networks.

Our focus though, is in four main fields: Consumer Business, Energy, Construction Industry and Tourism. The stress of our activities is on the operative implementation of the parameters and objectives of business development, the sales and marketing strategies we develop together with the clients. With strategic partnerships and in cooperating with international and national partners, we ensure a high performance standard and a wider reach.

H&R Firm Awards Announced

Many colleges and universities already have MOUs in place with local law enforcement authorities covering a variety of areas.  Our conversations with campus administrators, campus police, and law enforcement have underscored the need for additional tools and strategies that are specifically tailored to the dynamics of sexual assault on campus, as well as the needs of sexual assault survivors.  The task force is providing this sample MOU with that in mind.

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Detroit’s Lawyers Defend Billing

In court papers, lead law firm Jones Day and others that helped Detroit navigate its historic debt restructuring made a case—at the request of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes—for why their hourly billing rates and final tab are reasonable. Officials at Jones Day, who pointed out they had already cut $17.7 million from their tab, defended the $53.7 million in fees charged for roughly 17 months’ work.

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